Social Bite is on a mission to end homelessness in Scotland.


Almost 5000 young people took part in Wee Sleep Out on weekend of 9th November. Why not support their efforts by donating?


Want to know more?

Download our Info Booklet for everything you need to know about Social Bite’s Wee Sleep Out ahead of registration. Once you have registered you will then receive a comprehensive Resource Kit packed with lots of practical advice for organising your event.

The Wee Sleep Out is part of Scotland’s Year of Young People 2018 which is about providing opportunities for young people to show the world what they are made of! In the spirit of Scotland’s current Themed Year, we want young people to take the lead and to showcase their creative skills and talents as part of your Wee Sleep Out development so it’s important their views are heard and acted upon – now is the time to give young people the power to create change! For more information on the year visit

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Homelessness is a complicated and systemic problem that doesn’t have one simple fix. At Social Bite, we’re doing our best to provide housing, employment, food and support.

If you want to find out more about homelessness in Scotland and what exactly Social Bite are doing to end it, visit

Creative & Learning Materials

We have put together a few handy tools including promotional posters and workshop materials to use both ahead of your Wee Sleep Out and on the night itself.

16 or over?

Fancy doing our nation wide Sleep in the Park event taking place on December 8th in Edinburgh, Glasgow, Aberdeen and Dundee? Speak to your teachers and see if they have made plans yet to attend with over 16s in our designated school sleep zones!


Will Social Bite be organising Wee Sleep Out events?

Social Bite will not be organising any Wee Sleep Outs. Events will be organised independently of Social Bite by young people and their supporting adults in their own communities.

Who can register?

Every Wee Sleep Out will require a responsible adult who can register on our website. There are two option for this:
Through a school or organisation: the person registering for this option must be a teaching practitioner, or a youth association/organisation leader. They must be aged 21 or over by the closing date of 31st October 2018, and they must be a member of the PVG Scheme with the organisation that they are enrolling in Wee Sleep Out.
‘At home’: the person registering for this option must be the legal parent or guardian of at least one of the young people that will be participating in their Wee Sleep Out event. This person must be aged 18 or over by the closing date of 31st October 2018.

Who is responsible for Wee Sleep Out events?

Social Bite will not be responsible for any Wee Sleep Outs. Events will be the sole responsibility of the supporting adult who registers for Wee Sleep Out. Every event should be designed and delivered by young people and their supporting adults i.e. their legal parent/guardian, or with their teaching practitioners or youth association/organisation leader.

Are there any age restrictions?

Participants of Social Bite’s Wee Sleep Out should be aged between 8 and 16 years old. It is also possible for 17 year olds to participate and this will be at the discretion of the event organisers.

When is Wee Sleep Out taking place?

Wee Sleep Outs are asked to take place on Friday 9th November: 4 weeks before Sleep in the Park events. However, we know that this date might not work for everyone and so this is at the discretion of event organisers. NB: please try to organise your event as close to this date as possible.

What is the closing date for registration?

Registration for Wee Sleep Out will close at midnight on the 31st October 2018 to ensure organisers have sufficient time to plan their event.

Is there a signup fee/initial donation?

There is no signup fee or initial donation to be made for Wee Sleep Out

Is there a minimum fundraising target for participants and/or events?

There is no minimum fundraising target. We would love it if young people could strive to raise as much as they can. However, we appreciate all donations!

Where will Wee Sleep Out take place?

Wee Sleep Out is open to all of Scotland! Event venues should be decided upon by event organisers i.e. young people and their supporting adult(s). There are some guidelines for where you can host a Wee Sleep Out and you will have full access to this advice in your Wee Sleep Out Resource Kit which you will receive upon registration.

Can events take place outdoors?

Wee Sleep Outs can take place outdoors if a group is passionate about hosting their event outside, and if everyone that is participating is comfortable to do this. We do not recommend that young people under 12 years old stay outdoors for the full duration of the night.

Who can chaperone/supervise an event?

Schools and organisations must refer to their own Child Protection Policy and policies on residential experiences in order to understand who qualifies as a suitable chaperone/supervisor for the event.
If you are hosting a Wee Sleep Out at home, you must be the legal parent/guardian (aged 18+) of at least one of the young people participating, and any helper should be a known person to you who is deemed safe and responsible.

How will fundraising be spent?

Your fundraising will help fund the work that Social Bite currently does for the homeless community in Scotland, including funding our 800 Homes Campaign, our free food give away, and the support we offer to those affected by homelessness. You can find out more about this work on pages 9-10 of our Information Booklet or on our website.

What support will Social Bite be providing?

The Wee Sleep Out team are here to answer any queries or questions you might have before you sign up to Wee Sleep Out. Once you have registered, you will be sent a Wee Sleep Out Resource Kit to help you plan and deliver your event. There will also be downloadable materials available on our website including; learning and creative materials.
The Wee Sleep Out team will also be doing a road trip across Scotland from the end of September, where they will be delivering talks and workshops on Social Bite, Social Business, and Wee Sleep Out event planning. If you would like to be involved, please email us at [email protected] or call us on 0131 220 8206.

Help end homelessness in Scotland for good.