What age do you need to be to do the Sleep Out?

You must be aged 16yrs or older to take part in the Sleep in the Park challenge. Participants aged 16yrs-17yrs must be accompanied by a responsible adult aged over 21yrs

Would any pre-existing health issues restrict participation?

We want everyone who participates in the sleep-out to have a safe and enjoyable experience. If you have any pre-existing health conditions with which you are concerned about sleeping outside in winter, you must fill out the health section of registration to make sure you can participate.

Will alcohol be served, or can I drink alcohol at the event?

No, Sleep in the Park is a dry event. Due to the dangers of consuming alcohol and being exposed to cold winter conditions overnight, there will be no bar facilities at the event and strictly no alcohol can be brought into the event arena. Hot drinks and food villages will be available throughout the night.

Will hot drinks be served at the event?

Yes, we will be serving hot drinks all night should you need a warm-up.

Will we be sleeping in tents?

No. The challenge will be to sleep outside in the gardens and city centre without any cover. Participants will be sleeping in ‘Sleep Zones’ on grass with only your sleeping bag and plastic sheet for protection. Many people around the country have to do this every night, could you do it once?

What do I need to bring?

You need to bring your own: Warm Sleeping Bag, Winter/waterproof Jacket, Hat, Gloves, All appropriate Warm Clothing and a Sleeping Mat if you want one. None of the above will be provided.

Who is organising the event?

Social Bite are putting on the event and the event is being produced by Edinburgh based Unique Events, Scotland’s leading independent events company, who have produced large-scale events in West Princes Street Gardens and across Scotland for over 20yrs. www.unique-events.co.uk

Are there any other Health and Safety Information I should know?

The safety and welfare of everyone attending Sleep in the Park is our number one priority. Sleep in the Park will be produced in collaboration with the local Councils and all emergency services. First Aid and Welfare facilities will be located throughout the arena, with Event Stewards and Marshalls patrolling all sleeping zones to make sure everyone is safe and warm. ‘Warming Zones’ will be located throughout the event for anyone suffering adverse health effects from the cold.

What access do I get to see the performances and celebrities taking part?

It depends on how much money you raise, you will be given a different wristband to give you levels of access. You can see the fundraising thresholds on the Taking Part tab of this website. Everyone taking part will get to see the show, with giant screens and festival level production to present the artists. If you want to see your favourite artist from the front of the stage, you need to get fundraising!

How many people are in a corporate team?

There are a minimum of 5 people in a Corporate Team with a fundraising commitment of £3,000 and an initial donation of £50 per person.

How many people can participate with an Individual sign up?

When signing up as an individual you can either sign up as 1 or there is a tick box you can select to enable you to sign up as a team which can be up to 100 people.

Why do I have to pay £50.00 to register?

On registration, you will be required to pay a £50.00 deposit to secure your place at Sleep in the Park. This deposit becomes part of your overall fundraising target and is non-refundable.

What happens if I don’t reach the £100.00 fundraising target?

To take part in Sleep in the Park you must reach the minimum fundraising target of £100.00. By registering for the event you are committing to raise the required minimum fundraising target of £100.00, if you fail to reach this target by Thursday 6th December, you will not be allocated a ticket & wristband to attend and your deposit and any monies raised will be donated directly to the Social Bite campaign.

When will I get my Tickets?

Once you reach your minimum fundraising target, you will be allocated a guaranteed ticket for the event. But you need to keep fundraising and raise as much money as you can! Tickets will be sent electronically (i.e. by email) around the 7th of December to help maximise everyones efforts. Even once you receive your tickets, you can still keep fundraising for the event.

Will it be safe?

Sleep in the Park has been designed in collaboration with the Emergency Services and professional event stewards will be present throughout the event arena. We are continuously liaising with security and Police Scotland to ensure the safety of everyone participating. Searches are a condition of entry and there will be intensive bag searches taking place on entry to the event. There will be a police presence present on site at all times during the event. We will have security and stewards on-site throughout the event and through the night for your safety, watching over things so that everyone has the best experience.

What time does it all start?

We will be opening doors to the event at approx. 5.30pm on Saturday 8 December. The show will run from approx. 8pm – 10.45pm

The sleep-out challenge takes place from approx. 10.45pm – 6.30am

How long are the bands playing for?

The artists performing at the show will each be performing a stripped back acoustic set, with the headliner performing for approx. 35-40mins

Can I leave the event and come back into the arena throughout the night?

No. For security reasons, once you have entered our security area and into the event area you will not be permitted to leave and gain re-entry. If you decide to leave the event you cannot be re-admitted.

How long do I have to sleep outside?

The sleep-out will finish at approx. 6.30am Sunday 9th December. We want you to take the challenge to sleep-out for the duration but there will be warm-up tents and facilities in the arenas should you need to get out of the cold.

Can I light a fire to keep warm?

No. There will be fire warming zones throughout the arena and warming tents should you need a break from the cold. These will be in safe controlled areas.

Can I bring my dog?

Strictly no dogs or other pets are permitted into the Sleep in the Park event. Leave Fido at home in the warm.


Can I bring alcohol?

No, for safety reasons Sleep in the Park is a strictly dry event. Due to the dangers of consuming alcohol and being exposed to cold winter conditions overnight, there will be no bar facilities at the event and strictly no alcohol can be brought into the event arena. Bag searches will be conducted on entry to the event and any alcohol with be confiscated and destroyed. Any persons found to be consuming alcohol within the event arena will not be allowed to participate in the sleep-out and will be removed from the arena.

Will I actually get any sleep?

Not a lot, but you will be part of a unique event experience, coming together to help raise awareness of homelessness and helping Social Bite raise millions to eradicate homelessness in Scotland. Sleep in the Park will also be a very social event, making new friends and helping each other through the challenge.

What if it is bad weather?

The event is taking place in Scotland in the middle of winter, we know it will be cold. Weather conditions will be monitored in the week leading up to the event and forecasts reported via our website and social media. You must dress appropriately for an outdoor winter event. If rain is forecast, waterproof clothing and a plastic sheet to protect your sleeping bag are essential. Only extreme weather conditions would result in event cancellation and this decision would be made in consultation with local authority public safety and emergency services.

I am interested in the event- my friend is a wheelchair user- is there anywhere that will be appropriate for her to sleep?

Sleep in the Park will be fully accessible with viewing area and sleep zone area with accessible toilet facilities and wheelchair access pathway.
If any participants require additional medical or carer support we would need to get full details of their requirements and medical support. A free carer place can be allocated for anyone requiring support