What are you campaigning for?

By sleeping out you are also creating a strong mandate for political action. Our Key Campaigning Messages to local and national government are:

Rapidly-Rehouse Rough Sleepers with Support

Sleep Out participants are calling for the transformation of our homelessness system - moving away from substandard hostels and B&B's towards a system where homeless people are rapidly re-housed in mainstream accommodation. If people have complex needs we should provide a "wrap around support" to support them maintain their tenancy and thrive as individuals.

Prevent homelessness from Prison, Care and NHS

We know that homelessness often stems from key public institutions - primarily the care system, the prison system and hospitals in the NHS. When we know someone in one of these institutions is homeless we should work to prevent them ending up on the streets or in temporary accommodation and support them with any needs they might have to prevent homelessness.

Long Term Funding for 'Housing First'

Social Bite are committing significant funds raised from Sleep in the Park to a Nationwide Housing First program. This funding will go towards a wrap around support for vulnerable people in a mainstream tenancy. This support can range from mental health and addiction support to practical things like getting a bank account open, managing money and cooking lessons. We are calling on local and national government to create a long term funding resource for this type of support.

End Homelessness in Scotland. For Good.

We fundamentally believe that the statistics of homelessness in Scotland are not insurmountable. By collaborating, and by treating homelessness as a political priority, we believe Scotland can be a country where everyone has a place to call home. By Sleeping Out you are calling on your local authority and the Scottish Government to put our most vulnerable people first and end homelessness in Scotland for good.

Academic Studies to Shape Strategy for Ending Homelessness

Social Bite have commissioned 3 comprehensive studies to shape and inform the strategy for ending homelessness in Scotland.

You can download each of the studies here:

  • Graphic symbol for studies Eradicating Core Homelessness in Scotland Heriot Watt University Download
  • Graphic symbol for studies Transforming Temporary Accommodation in Scotland Heriot Watt University Download
  • Graphic symbol for studies Scotland's Transition to Rapid Re-Housing Indigo House Group Download