A Mass Sleepout to End Homelessness in Scotland. For Good.

We’re inviting you to join us and 9,000 others in Princes Street Gardens on the 9th of December for the World's largest ever sleepout. You’ll be joined by some of the world's biggest artists, to sleep in the cold for one night.

By raising funds and working together, we can stop the sticky plaster mentality and get to the root issues with a plan to eradicate homelessness over a 5 year period by providing people with housing, rehabilitation, job opportunities and the support they need to get back on their feet.

We want to make Scotland an example for the whole world to follow. We’re a small country. A nation of innovators. The statistics of homelessness in Scotland are not insurmountable.

We can do this. We just need you.

Thanks to our Major Funding Partner
Total raised £0.00

Top 50 Individual Fundraisers

Position Fundraiser Amount
1 Mr DAVID DUFFY £11,686.25
2 Mr Ian Smith £10,891.00
3 Mr Ross McEwan £8,779.75
4 Dunfermline Abbey £8,432.63
5 Fringe Society £8,377.34
6 BrewDog 5am Saints £8,363.00
7 STCOLUMBAS £7,889.18
8 Walkers and Friends £7,822.50
9 Vistage V19 £7,134.98
10 Castle Rock Edinvar £7,122.75
11 Charlie Miller Hair £6,932.50
12 Mr Gavin Halliday £6,536.25
13 FamalamdingDONG £6,520.31
14 EY Sleepers £6,337.50
16 UoE Estates £5,481.25
17 Mrs Susan Turner £5,270.13
18 Team Frame £5,202.00
19 Langholm & Canonbie £5,157.73
20 Mrs Katrina Chrystal £4,833.58
21 CEC ICT Solutions £4,618.34
22 OUiS £4,533.95
23 West Lothian College £4,501.95
24 Mr Mark Allan £4,427.50
25 IO Connect Four £4,327.50
26 Hudson £4,315.31
27 Greenbankers £4,187.50
28 Operational Support £3,990.00
29 Ms Sarah Cay £3,959.50
30 Mr Donald Histead £3,938.75
31 GoodPractice £3,842.26
32 Broughton £3,745.41
33 Engie Regeneration £3,625.00
34 Linda's loony ladies £3,573.75
35 Woodmill High £3,538.12
36 Thermals Night Out £3,509.70
37 Chillin' for Change £3,467.50
38 Ms Nicola Cook £3,451.25
39 The Cosy Crew £3,420.50
40 Three Musketeers £3,370.00
41 Mr Stuart Campbell £3,350.00
42 Team Dodo £3,259.25
43 Ms Catherine Beattie £3,236.00
44 Mrs Jenny Asher £3,208.25
45 Miller £3,196.25
46 Mr Stuart Fleming £3,191.25
47 Team SIS17 £3,182.50
48 National Theatre of £3,142.50
49 Cyrenians £3,137.63
50 Mr Scott Murray £3,090.00

Thanks to our Major Funding Partner
Total raised £500,000.00

Top 50 Corporate Fundraisers

Position Fundraiser Amount
1 William Grant & Sons £36,049.09
2 estock limited £27,633.75
3 Sleepout Girls £23,493.38
4 Wheatley Group £20,379.99
5 Stagecoach Group £17,206.68
6 AB15 £16,253.75
7 Balhousie Care Group £15,913.75
8 SI Ltd £13,850.00
9 Empteezy ltd. £13,326.38
10 Scottish Friendly £12,555.00
11 Cullen Property Ltd £12,347.50
12 AberdeenStandard Inv £12,249.38
13 Edinburgh Airport £10,077.11
14 SP Energy Networks £9,548.13
15 Deans Solicitors £9,485.00
17 Shepherd&Wedderburn £9,329.45
18 Kingsford Estates £9,257.50
19 Anderson Strathern £8,908.43
20 QTS Group £8,906.25
21 Brodies LLP £8,817.50
22 L1LDG Limited £8,810.00
23 Scotland Food &Drink £8,709.16
24 Berwickshire Housing £8,366.94
25 Kingdom Housing Asso £8,208.75
26 Dentons £7,995.00
27 Mazars LLP £7,920.92
28 Marketing Society £7,903.13
29 SP Energy Networks £7,863.75
30 Jigsaw PR £7,801.25
31 Edinburgh Collection £7,420.77
32 RBS £7,412.57
33 Performance Collecti £7,343.00
34 MAS Real Estate Inc £7,086.25
35 Burness Paull, LLP £6,872.50
36 Cornhill Building Se £6,785.00
37 MacRoberts LLP £6,641.00
38 Ayrshire Chamber £6,320.49
39 CMS £6,198.70
40 Aegis the Union £6,117.62
41 Procure Wizard £6,021.25
42 Spice Pots £5,970.00
43 Johnston Carmichael £5,801.90
44 Tsunami Axis £5,794.71
45 Cruden Group £5,697.50
46 Scottish EDGE £5,590.00
47 BIB Limited £5,563.75
48 Dundee City Council £5,369.38
49 The Moredun Group £5,341.25
50 Umega Lettings £5,315.00


Liam Gallagher
All playing stripped back sets
Deacon Blue
Frightened Rabbit
Amy Mcdonald
Josh Littlejohn

Josh Littlejohn

Sleeping out
Sir Bob Geldof

Sir Bob Geldof

Bedtime Story
John Cleese

John Cleese

Rob Brydon

Rob Brydon

Corporate Lunch
Martin Wishart

Martin Wishart

Fundraising makes it possible

By joining our Sleepout you will be joining a collaborative movement of the third sector, the private sector and The Scottish Government to tackle one of society's most pressing issues.You can join as an individual or as a business - all you have to do is make a minimum fundraising commitment. Whether you are participating in the sleep out or not, you can also make any of the following pledges to help eradicate homelessness in Scotland:

  1. If you are an employer you can pledge an employment opportunity
  2. If you have a spare room you can offer it up for a short period to help someone find their feet
  3. You can become a regular donor by setting up a small direct debit donation
make a donation

So Far We've Raised


Our Fundraising Goal

Job Opportunities Pledged
Job Opportunities Pledged
Pledged so far 169 The goal 100
Pledge a Job Opportunity
Suported Lodgings
Supported Lodgings (spare room)
Pledged so far 37 The goal 100
Pledge a Spare Room
Regulard Donor Supporters
Regular Donor Supporters
Pledged so far 233 The goal 200
Become a regular donor
Castle below stars

What’s On

We have invited some amazing people to support the mission by sleeping out, performing, reading bedtime stories and serving breakfast.  At 11pm, the lights will go out and all 9,000 people will bed down on a cold Scottish Winter's night under the stars.

Stripped Back Acoustic Sets from
Stripped Back Acoustic Sets from

Liam Gallagher, Amy Macdonald, Frightened Rabbit and Deacon Blue

Sleeping out and Addressing the Audience
Sleeping out and Addressing the Audience

Sir Bob Geldof and Josh Littlejohn MBE

Bedtime Stories
Bedtime Stories

John Cleese

Serving the Bacon Rolls at 7am
Serving the Bacon Rolls at 7am

Rob Brydon and Scottish Government Cabinet Ministers

Become part of something great
Become part of something great

Join a movement to end homelessness in Scotland for Good

Participate in the sleepout
Participate in the sleepout

Sleep in the park with Friends

make a donation

How your Donations Help

A Nationwide Jobs Program for the Homeless
A Nationwide Jobs Program for the Homeless
Accomodation and Housing Solutions
Accomodation and Housing Solutions
Addiction Rehabilitation Facilities
Addiction Rehabilitation Facilities
A National Homelessness Eradication Strategy
A National Homelessness Eradication Strategy

This year Social Bite are inviting 9,000 people to Sleep Out on the night of 9th December with a mission to eradicate homelessness in Scotland for good

Download our full Heriot Watt Study

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Exciting News! We now have our own Social Bite KeepCups in store! Pick...


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Registration has now closed for Sleep In The Park

You can still donate to the campaign and help end homelessness in Scotland at the below:

donate to our ending homelessness campaign become a regular social bite supporter pledge a job or become a buddy

Attending Sleep in the Park?

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